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    An approximate outline of an essay

    1. Introduction.

    2. Reflection of the problem in the text:
    • formulation of the problem;

    • why this problem is relevant today;
    1. Commentary of the problem:
    • what the author writes about;

    • how the author writes;

    • what conclusion leads the reader to.
    1. Author's position.

    2. The student's position:
    • agreement/disagreement with the author;

    • own position;
    1. Argumentation (2 arguments).

    2. Conclusion - conclusion.

    The structure of the essay is determined by the requirements imposed on it:

    1. The thoughts of the author of the essay on the problem are stated in the form of short theses.

    2. The author's thought is supported by evidence. Consequently, the theses are always followed by arguments.
    Arguments can be:

    • phenomena of social life;

    • facts;

    • references to the opinion of scientists;

    • events;

    • scientific evidence;

    • life experience and life situations, etc.

    We recommend giving 2 arguments in favor of each myhomeworkdone reviews, because 1 argument may be unconvincing, and 3 arguments will "overload" the essay, which is made in a genre oriented on imagery and conciseness.

    If everything is laid out correctly, such an essay-explanation will acquire a circular structure:

    • introduction;

    • thesis and arguments;

    • thesis and arguments;

    • thesis and arguments;

    • conclusions.

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